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the apartment is located in
Via di Collazzi 11, Montepulciano (SI) - 53045

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The apartment is located in Via di Collazzi 11 - 53045 Montepulciano

Here some information to reach easily (I hope!) the apartment:


Important! We would recommend that, once in town, you DO NOT RELY ON YOUR GPS. Most of our guests on their first visit to Montepulciano, who have been using their GPS, were directed to central streets that are allowed to pedestrians, or residents only. After long struggles with the map and the road signs, they ended up needing help from the police, or calling us because they’d lost their way.


This is what you should do, instead.


Arriving from Rome or Chiusi: Autostrada A1 – exit Chiusi/Chianciano. Follow the directions to Montepulciano. Once you get to the crossroad that says Chianciano (south) Pienza (west) San Biagio (north) and Montepulciano (east), turn towards Montepulciano; and after a few metres, where a small white construction is, take the road that goes uphill, then turn left (first sharp bend) to Via dei Filosofi. (*)


Arriving from Florence: Autostrada A1 – exit Valdichiana. Follow the directions to Montepulciano. When arriving at the first large square called Sant'Agnese, with a parking on your right, a church on your left and a park across, take the road coasting the park on its left and follow it until you cross a bridge that has a garage on its right with "Autofficina" written on it. There is a fork after the bridge, take the right road and continue uphill until it divides again; now take the left branch of the road, going down and uphill again (now right branch). This is the Via dei Filosofi. (*)


(*) When you are on top of the Via dei Filosofi, turn left ignoring a sign that forbids it (it says that only residents are allowed). Pass under a small city gate and continue straight.

This street is via di Collazzi and is narrower and lined by houses on both sides, you have to drive slowly until you reach the number 11 that is very close to the Cantina Redi entrance.


And if you feel you are not sure, just give us a phone call.

Hereunder our telephone numbers are: Italy code +39

Montepulciano (home): 0578.758420


- my mum Valeria (she doesn't speak English well, she prefer Italian or French) 328.839.5654‬‬ or 331.789.0966 

- Elisa (+1) 857.209.1524

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