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The apartment is located in Via di Collazzi, one of the first areas built in the town of Montepulciano. In the 13th Century Via di Collazzi represented the main street of the town, what "Il Corso" is now a days.
At that time, close to my apartment was located the Town all. Slowly the town grew up and on the 15th Century Via di Talosa (just a few steps from the apartment) became the main street. In Piazza Grande, at that time, instead of the Cathedral, there was a small Romanic Church (Pieve di St. Maria).
Between 1536 and 1562 was built the Ricci Palace (at only few steps from the apartment), commissioned from Giovanni Ricci when, soon to become Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, was serving Cardinal Alessandro Farnese (namesake and nephew of Pope Paul III). The construction site was in a shape of a trapezium and reached two different heights: the highest, at 592 meters, on Via Ricci and the lowest at 579 meters, on Via di Collazzi. This builder's need to level out the two different hights was the most likely cause of the enlongated structure of the beautiful wine-cellar that were built (the Cantina del Redi).
Since that, Via di Collazzi and expecially the buildings located closer to the Ricci Palace, became the street of the wine-cellar workers's houses. For that reason, they are all mutually wedged in. All the stone wall that now a days divide the different appartment, at the beginning, were only reeds wall.

We bought this apartment in 1989 from the Amministrator of the Ricci's family; it was in a very bad condition but my parents saw in it a huge potencial to bacome a beautiful spot where relax and escape from the real world.

My father was a doctor with the great hobby of painting and this apartment was his painting studio! This is the reason why we still call it "my atelier". He loved Montepulciano, for all his life, more than everything else not only for the breathtaking views of the countryside but also for the quietness and obviously the good vine.
Cunningly reorganized by my mom and my uncle, the apartment retains the original features such as wooden beamed ceiling and open fireplace. To this end, I have to highlight that it is one of the only two apartments in the town that still have the original 14th Century oak wood flat beams.

If you are looking for peacefulness, relax and something pure, you should come and try this lovely accommodation! The best is for people who love the artworks and who like to find out and enjoy every secret corner of this beautiful town as well as taste the special feeling of the ancient world.

Via di Collazzi
Cantina del Redi
Exteranl plate (on Via di Collazzi)
Cantina Redi - cave where the “vino Nobile di Montepulciano” ages
Collazzi standard