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Travel information

  • Pro-Loco Tourist Information - Piazza Don Minzoni 1, Montepulciano (+39) 0578 757.341

  • Grocery shopping - Montepulciano is spread of multiple grocery store especially located in the main street. Here my personal suggestion:
    1) Conad Supermarket - Via Elio Bernabei 4, Montepulciano.
    Open Mon- Sat from 8.00AM to 8.00PM. You can find a wide assortment of natural foodstuff made by the farmers, butcher or baker of the Montepulciano area (cheese, meet, ham etc). CONAD supermarket is located just out of the wall door of Montepulciano and is the only supermarket of the town. You can reach it by car or by foot : is approximately 10-15 minutes walking from the apartment. If you are going by foot is better know that there is a
    shuttle bus - servizio urbano - that can be used to go back home with the shopping bags (there is a bus stop just 50 mt from the apartmet).
    2) Pecorino Cugusi store - Via di Gracciano nel Corso, Montepulciano.
    Wide assortment of all the different type of Pecorino that they produce. They usually let people taste the cheeses before buy it so that you can choose the best you like. If you like to bring some to your Country to share it with some friends, they can also vaccum-paked it for you.
    3) Lo sfizio - Prodotti tipici - Via di Gracciano nel Corso 58, Montepulciano
    (+39) 0578 757.108 Absolutely you have to visit this lovely store where you can find all Tuscany products like ham and lard of Cinta Senese, Pici (although made with masta-maker), bacon, pasta sauces and much more.
    Il frantoio di Montepulciano - Piazza Pasquino 9, Montepulciano (on the right side of St. Augustin Church). You can find there a wide assortment of Extr-virgin olive oil products. If you are interested, they also ship their product around the world.

  • Laundromat service Lavabeneincasa - Piazza San Francesco 1, Montepulciano. Is located at just two minutes walking from the apartment, in Palazzo Benincasa. Open 7 days a week from 8.00 AM to 10 PM.

  • Handicraft -
    1) Legatoria Koine - Via di Gracciano nel Corso 22, Montepulciano
    (+39) 0578 756.066
    You can find a very precious artesanal collection of diary, planner, phone-book, photo album, writing set and much more.
    2) La Creta - Via di Gracciano nel Corso 10, Montepulciano
    (+39) 0578 716.661
    Wide assortment of household linen, tablecloth, apron and much more made with the beautiful cotton and linen tissues typical from Montepulciano and Pienza.
    3) Biagiotti - wrought iron handicraft - Via I Maggio 1, Pienza (SI)
    (+39) 0578 748.478
    If a day you are planning to go to Pienza you have to stop and visit this fascinating workshop of the Biagiotti family. They have also a shop in the center of Pienza but I suggest you to stop at the workshop for the larger choise of products and lower prices but especially for the possibility to have a look at the "bottega" (laboratory) where the Biagiotti family are still working with hammer, anvil and especially fire, the same fire of Vulcan forge!

  • Transport information:
    Shuttle bus - servizio urbano - is a small orange bus that can be used to move you around Montepulciano and to the bus station. There is a stop just out the apartment in Via di Collazzi but not all the bus stop there. If the Via di Collazzi bus stop doesn't work, the closest one is in Piazza Grande (5 min walking from the apartment). Timetable are usually attach at the bus stop, otherwise you can find it at the bus station, just out of the town wall. Tickets can be purchased at bus station or tobacco shops (0.95 $/bt).
    2) Car rental
    3) Public Transportation