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International Arts Workshop: During the last two weeks of July the Cantiere Internazionale D'Arte take place with a rich program of classical and contemporary music events in several theaters, churches and private palaces of Montepulciano.
Founded in 1976 by the German composer Hans Werner Henze together with the municipality of Montepulciano, the Cantiere has to be considered as a workshop for young artists (singers, actors, instrumentalists, directors, conductors, composers, set- and costume-designers etc.), that gives all participants every opportunity to learn and rehearse classical and contemporary scores and to experiment with traditional and new ways of making music. In order to foster the atmosphere of a true workshop and educational experience, all artists are guests of the local community and none of them receive a fee.
Since 2002, Palazzo Ricci is the venue of the European Academy of Music and Performing Arts, a branch of the German High School of Music of Cologne. From March through October, the Academy organizes master classes and classical and contemporary music concerts.


In the second week-end of August, the local 'Bruscello' is performed on the forecourt of the Cathedral. Is an ancient tradition of popular theatre with popular roots widespread throughout the Valdichiana and the Val d'Orcia. The name of Bruscello (twig) come from the origin of this tradicion where moving companies of peasants bringing a twig in the hand, were going in crowdy places like farms, public squares or in front of the Churches after the Saint Messa to put in scene their rappresentation and beg, to obtain some money to pay the dinner for all the Company.
Now a days, the main charactes are the same Poliziani who are narrating, in rime and songs, stories whom subject usually derives from religious themes, chivalry or local legends.


The Medieval Bravio pageant is a historical reconstruction based on some ancient codes. This evocative performance ends with the popular barrel race among the eight city quarters, which traverses uphill the entire Montepulciano competing for a painted cloth banner (the "Bravio"). This celebration takes place every year, on the last Sunday of August.
The week preceding it, the atmosphere in town changes completely: every day and every night, all quarters organize dinners in the streets, often with music and dances, in which the all the visitors are welcome.