Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, or Duomo of Montepulciano: was designed by Ippolito Scalza and constructed between 1594 and 1680 on a pre-existing Medieval Pieve (Pieve di Santa Maria) to celebrate the elevation of Montepulciano to bishop's see. The façade is unfinished (façade projects can be seen in the museum). The bell tower (unfinished) is still the Medieval one of the pre-existent Pieve. The Cathedral holds several masterpieces: the Assumption of the Virgin triptych painted by Taddeo di Bartolo in 1401; Michelozzo's Aragazzi funeral monument (1427-1437) which fragments can be seen close to the main door and at the altar (two statues and the frieze with little angels); the Madonna del Pilastro by Sano di Pietro (15th century); the polychrome terracotta altar by Andrea della Robbia (1521) behind a 14th century baptismal font.